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Identity card from February 16 to Febru on newly logged Jews in Krakow. Description: List includes first and last name, date and place of birth. Electronic data compiled from Lublin Judenrat ausweis, or identity papers; data includes names and occupations. List Type: Index. Compiler: Kuwalek, Robert. English: Invalidated OdF identity card: The Magistrate of East Berlin refused any pink-triangle prisoner the right to receive a pension as a "victim of fascism". This exhibition examines the Nazi genocide against the Roma and Sinti by uncovering the stories of some of those affected by the genocide. The German National Identity Card. Germany's national ID card is among the world's most advanced identification documents. With it you can prove your. Austrian ID-Card ('Personalausweis'). All applicants including children and infants must be present at the Embassy when applying for new ID cards. 'Mitglieds-Ausweis Vaterländisches Front-Werk 'Neues Leben', öffentlicher Dienst' (membership card of the war welfare association called. Everyone can get into an emergency and then need help. People in need have rights and obligations that they often do not know about at first. The term “refugee” is often used in everyday language as a general synonym for people who have been displaced, but the law on asylum only understands it as. Alongside the emergency numbers and to notify the Police or Fire Brigade respectively, in this list you will also find the telephone numbers e.g. of the.

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